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Kevin says


SXSW Interview
Kevin Avery talks to Linda Park at SxSW about Darth Vader, The Passion Play, and his stint in a boy band under the moniker “Kevy Ray Supreme.”

How to Tell a Recession Joke
Back in August 2009, the venerable New York magazine did a piece on how “some of “today’s best comedians” tell jokes on the current economic downturn. Kevin was one of the ten featured.

Some Press Clippings, Literally
Back in the olden days, people cut things out of the paper. This is like that, only after cutting them out, they were scanned and turned into a PDF. From the Oakland Tribune and SF Chronicle.

99 People to Watch
A nice, brief writeup from Metropolitan magazine. Also a PDF.

Critic’s Choice: “Comedy by Michael”
Rachel Swan’s background on Kevin from the East Bay Express.