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Kevin Avery for “Prodigal Sunn Chips”

Me and my Thugs, The Musical castmates, Prodigal Sunn and Jocelyn Cruz, before we actually were castmates, did a brief sketch – a commercial parody for “Prodigal Sunn Chips” – for this season of Latino 101 on the SiTV network. Here’s the short clip, which is followed by another bit from the show, featuring comedians Godfrey and Ruperto Vanderpool.

Oh, and check me and all these guys out on Latino 101 Friday’s at 9pm!

“The Well Written Woman” & Me

Hey everybody, I’m liked by Woman!  Don’t believe me?  Well, then go visit website and check out this article written by co-founder Lauren Mack!  Then hang out for a while and see a ton of other good stuff they have on the site.

A Call to Arms…Or Just to Your TV’s this Season

Well, it’s that time of year when television networks are announcing the shows they’ll be premiering in the fall. And if you’re a TV addict like I am, you’re already putting together a detailed wall chart of which shows will be premiering when and on what network, at what time, and how they’ll fit into your already established and rigorous television/DVR schedule (surely, I’m not alone in this).

But this new season brings us a particularly sweet smell of awesome because two of these new shows prominently feature some good and very funny friends of mine. So, if you like TV, have a TV, or just know what a TV is, then check out and support these new comedies…

Free Agents (NBC – Wednesday 8:30/7:30c)
This show features three of my stand up comedy friends: Al Madrigal and Mo Mandel (as “Gregg” and “Dan” respectively), two very funny San Francisco comics who I came up with in the SF comedy scene (Al and I actually started together), and Natasha Leggero (as “Emma”), who has also been a guest on The Siskel and Negro podcast. On top of them being on this show together, Natasha, Al, and Mo have all had crushingly hilarious Comedy Central Presents specials  premiere in the last year that you should definitely hunt down and watch. Translation: All three of them will be really fun to watch on this show.

Are you there, Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea (NBC)
This one is based on Chelsea Handler’s best-seller of the same name and stars Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show) as Chelsea and the real Chelsea as her own sister. Confusing?  Who cares, cause what’s important is that the show also stars my buddy Natalie Morales (as “Ivory”) who, as well as being really funny and multi-talented, also told me the craziest falling down the stairs story I’ve ever heard in my life. Also, she recently watched one of my more harrowing performances in a bar in Silverlake (yes, I still have those shows from time to time) and did not judge…at least not openly, so watch her show.

The Daily Show (Comedy Central – Weeknights 11:00/10:00c)
And finally, this show isn’t new, but it’s newest correspondent is. The aforementioned Al Madrigal made his debut as The Daily Show‘s Senior Latino Correspondent last night. Do I really have to tell you how dope this is?  Check him out here, and then keep checking him out regularly on this show and Free Agents!

Me, Sara B. & on Social Media and Fans and Such and Whatnot…

(I'm the one on the left)

From time to time someone who writes for something somewhere asks me “Hey, Kevin, what do you think of stuff?” Such is the case with this interview of comedian Sara Benincasa and me, by Natalie Zutter of, about fans and fan love and too much fan love and how we love fans. I’m not sure, but I may actually say too much in this interview.

Visit Sara Benincasa’s website here, and follow her on Twitter.

And for that matter, follow ME on Twitter!