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Kevin Avery’s Obsessed – Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Well, everybody it’s finally here! The pilot episode of my new web series for, Kevin Avery’s Obsessed is up and running! WHOHOOO!! In each 3 minute episode, I spend time hanging out with all kinds of interesting (and sometimes freakishly strange) folks in order to learn about and even participate in their various obsessions, from LARPing, to Drag Queen shows to my own obsession with tracking down Matt Damon and having a beer with him.

In this episode, I attend a Twilight book club meeting, hang out at the Harry Potter 7 midnight premiere, talk to web experts and meet superfans Katie Aiani and Ashley Fragomeni to find out exactly who is more obsessed – Twilight fans or Harry Potter fans.

Check out the pilot episode of Kevin Avery’s Obsessed, “Harry Potter vs Twilight”, on MSN’s new site, The Bubble, riiiight here:

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:0602207d-50f8-3fb3-44eb-e122694e8511&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=iv2_en-us_entertainment_thebubble" target="_new" title="Obsessed: Harry Potter vs. Twilight">Video: Obsessed: Harry Potter vs. Twilight</a>

2 responses to “Kevin Avery’s Obsessed – Harry Potter vs. Twilight”

  1. Sophia Chang says:

    Playing Bella to your Edward was the best experience of my life…if you’d only put on more sparkle.

  2. Reggie S. says:

    That was really great!! I want more. The quality was amazing, the fans were awesome and you did a great job hosting. I’m about to be obsessed with Kevin Avery’s Obsessed as soon as you give me more episodes to be obsessed with. Please let me know when the next one airs.

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