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Kevin Avery’s Obsessed – Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Well, everybody it’s finally here! The pilot episode of my new web series for, Kevin Avery’s Obsessed is up and running! WHOHOOO!! In each 3 minute episode, I spend time hanging out with all kinds of interesting (and sometimes freakishly strange) folks in order to learn about and even participate in their various obsessions, from LARPing, to Drag Queen shows to my own obsession with tracking down Matt Damon and having a beer with him.

In this episode, I attend a Twilight book club meeting, hang out at the Harry Potter 7 midnight premiere, talk to web experts and meet superfans Katie Aiani and Ashley Fragomeni to find out exactly who is more obsessed – Twilight fans or Harry Potter fans.

Check out the pilot episode of Kevin Avery’s Obsessed, “Harry Potter vs Twilight”, on MSN’s new site, The Bubble, riiiight here:

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:0602207d-50f8-3fb3-44eb-e122694e8511&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=iv2_en-us_entertainment_thebubble" target="_new" title="Obsessed: Harry Potter vs. Twilight">Video: Obsessed: Harry Potter vs. Twilight</a>

Casting for Thugs, The Musical!!

Now that we’ve raised some money for Thugs the Musical thanks to YOUR HELP it’s time to get this sucker in motion! Still want to be involved? You can be! We are now casting the remaining roles!

As you may already know I’ve already managed to get some big-time, fancy actors like David Alan Grier (Chocolate News, In Living Color), Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva), Rachel True (Half & Half, The Craft), and Prodigal Sunn from the Wu Tang Clan, along with actor/comedians Baron Vaughn (Fairly Legal) and W. Kamau Bell (Comedy Central) to appear in the film. On top of that, Liam Sullivan, the director/creator of the very funny and very popular Shoes and Let Me Borrow That Top music videos, will be directing!

We will be holding auditions this Sunday, January 30th from 10am-2pm at The Complex (6476 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles).

If you’d like to audition please email with:

– Your Contact Info

– A Photo

– Which Role(s) you want to be Considered For

and someone will get back to you. Here are the roles we still need need to fill:

A short, boyish-looking SLACKER who looks like hemight still live with his parents and just has a “whatever”-type of attitude.  He’s the kind of guy who is usually at home playing video games all day.  He’s the youngest one in the cast, or at least he should look like some kind of man-child.

SARAN (Black, Female)
This character may be any age.  Our main requirement is that she be FUNNY!  We need an actress with great comedic timing, a solid work ethic, and an easy disposition.  Put the drama on tape!  The character is a prostitute who considers herself cultured.  She goes to the theater regularly and keeps abreast of the latest hotness on ALL FRONTS. Must be comfortable with physical movement as there is a choreographed fight scene.

CUREL (Black, Female)
This character may be any age.  Our main requirement is that she be FUNNY!  We need an actress with great comedic timing, a solid work ethic, and an easy disposition.  Put the drama on tape! The character is a prostitute who considers herself cultured.  She goes to the theater regularly and keeps abreast of the latest hotness on ALL FRONTS. Must be comfortable with physical movement as there is a choreographed fight scene.

This is a role for someone with great improv skills and excellent comedic timing. This character is casting for the role of “Thug in Liquor Store Number Two” in a fictional production.

The assistant to a casting director casting for the role of “Thug in Liquor store Number Two.” This is a non-speaking role.

AUDITIONING THUGS (3-5, Male, Black)
These are brothers from the hood with acting aspirations.  Hardcore gangstas cum rappers cum actors with a dream.  They know you’d see they’ve got talent if you would just give them a chance – and if you
don’t, they’ll bust a cap in yo’ a**!  Please, dress the part.  No polo shirts, khakis and dock siders, please!

These sistahs are triple threats.  They can act, sing and dance and are indignantly outraged when they learn that the serious musical they came to audition for is about hood life and they’ll be expected to play a “ho.”  Must be able to summon the righteous indignation of the ancestors in one look – you know, the one yo’ mama gives you when you seriously mess up.

SCARED COUPLE (Male and Female, Black)
A nice young, middle class couple goes out for the evening to see a play and winds up just north of hell!  They finally see an open row of seats and make to grab them when they realize “Di-Bo’s” twin brother has taken up the entire row.  Off they scurry, happy to have survived the encounter.  Must have excellent comedic timing.

Already intimidated by the craziness happening around him/her at the theatre, this character thinks they’ve finally found a safe haven when they spot a whole row of seats empty except for one person. Only problem is that person is the most notorious gangsta in the whole hood.  Must have great reactions!

This intrepid actor will play any role – even the “white guy” in an otherwise all Black play.  Must be able to sing and dance (or at least carry a tune), have a great sense of humor and good comedic timing.

This is a mixed crowd of inmates – everything from hard core, pumped up muscle men to a couple of lovely “ladies” – all out for some recreational activity, which obviously means different things to
everyone but no one is prepared for the play that unfolds.


These performers will break down into an all female chorus and serve as back-up singers for all songs.

This guy is a dreamer.  Even though he’s in the slammer, he still has hope.  So when a chance to perform in a musical comes his way he jumps at the chance, especially when he finds out the role is about a white guy who’s always wanted to be black – JUST LIKE HIM!  Must be funny as
hell with great comedic timing, an extremely expressive face and a willingness to be shot, shanked or both (but not for real, of course!).

This is a brother who dreams big – even when he’s in jail.  He never fit in when he lived in the hood and he sees this musical as the beginning of a whole new life.  He might look hard as ice on the
outside but his secret passion is show tunes and he’s really soft and sweet natured within.  He can really sing and dance. If only he’d grown up in a better neighborhood……

Yep, This is Happening: “Thugs, The Musical” Fundraiser at The Improv feat. Margaret Cho & More…

The cast of Thugs, The Musical is coming to The Improv in Hollywood to raise funds for the film THIS TUESDAY, Jan 4th! Yes, that is tomorrow, or maybe even TODAY, depending on how soon you’re reading this.

Along with myself, cast members Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva), Baron Vaughn (Awkward Comedy Show, Fairly Legal), W. Kamau Bell (Comedy Central), and director Liam Sullivan (Shoes, Let Me Borrow that Top) will all be appearing on the show. And as if that ain’t enough, Moshe Kasher (Chelsea Lately, Jimmy Fallon) and Scott Silverman (Comedy Central) will also be on the lineup!

If you’re in LA and want to help us fund this film, but a ticket and come out. Ticket sales go to the funding o this project! You can get show info and tickets right here!

And if you can’t come to the show, but wanna check out the Thugs, The Musicalshort film project and even donate, you can visit Thanks for your support!

Sara Benincasa and I Talkin’ “Thugs”

The very hilarious comedian and writer, Sara Benincasa recently interviewed me about Thugs, The Musical! for her blog. And here it is…

Kevin Avery and THUGS: THE MUSICAL

And once you finished reading that little piece of goodness, go follow Sara on Twitter! Or visit

Then drop by the Thugs, The Musical page on Kickstarter and donate to the film. We’re only $100 away from meeting our goal of $10,000 and being funded! Deadline is this Friday, Jan 4th.