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Kevin says

Digital Download of “Thugs, The Musical” for Everyone Who Donates!

Consider this an early Christmonnukwanza and/or Festivus gift from me to you! 2 bits of news:

Thanks to our good friends at CASH Music, from this point on, EVERYONE who donates to the Thugs, The Musical short film project on, and EVERYONE WHO HAS ALREADY DONATED will get a free digital download of the film!

Just my little thank you to all of you who are keeping this project plugging along. We really appreciate it. And things are moving along with the film itself. In fact, very soon I’ll have some new casting announcements to make that I’m really psyched about.

We have 52 days left and counting to reach our goal of $10,000 (we’re at $4,550 as of now), so please spread the word to your friends (real or Facebook), tweet it, put it in your blogs, or make your own donation if you can. Which brings me to my 2nd tidbit of news:

That crazy-looking url for the “Thugs” Kickstarter page is a mouthful. So starting now, you can tell people that they can go to to donate. It’ll bring ’em straight to the Thugs, The Musical Kickstarter page! Easy as pie (or cake, if you prefer).

So now it’s that much easier to spread the word about this project. As always, thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more cool announcements about this film, coming soon!

And check out me and my Thugs, The Musical castmates, David Alan Grier and Margaret Cho discussing the film:

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