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Kevin says

Appearing with Kevin Nealon at The Ice House THIS SATURDAY!!

Yep – 2 shows, in fact. I’ll be opening for Kevin Nealon from Showtime’s Weeds and of course Saturday Night Live at the famous Ice House comedy club in Pasadena, CA on Saturday, July 24th at 9pm and 11pm!

I’m very excited about this show, so I hope all you Los Angeles area folks will come out! For more info on The Ice House comedy club, check out their website at!

Yep, I’m featured on’s Daily 8 Today!

So, the fine folks at have decided to feature this clip of me on their Daily 8 comedy picks today:

Enjoyed that? Well, then you'll loooove this: MY LIVE COMEDY CD, HARDCORE is still available online! Grab yerself a copy on iTunes or at!

My “Hands-Free Hero” Video Won 3rd Place! Thanks to Everyone Who Watched!

So, sometime in May I shot a 60 second comedy short called Hands-Free Hero for a funny video contest put on by Jawbone (ya know, the Bluetooth people) and run by  Then I posted it everywhere and asked you guys to watch.  Then I briefly forgot about it.

Well, lo and behold, I opened up my inbox late last week to find an email from the good folks at Jawbone congratulating me on winning 3rd place for Hands-Free Hero! Needless to say, I’m waaaaay excited and even more thankful to all of you who watched – many of you repeatedly – and spread it around the internet like a common cold!  You are all crazy-awesome!

But I’m not the only one in the video.  Because it’s only 60-seconds long, there were no titles or credits included in the contest version.  So, I want to introduce you to and thank the very hilarious comedians and actors who appeared in the short to make it as funny as it turned out.  In order of appearance (pretty much)…

  • Journalist & blogger Nora Barrows-Friedman as “Boxy Lady”
  • Comedian Will Hatcher as “Guy Breaking Into Car Cause He Locked His Keys Inside and Not Because He Was Trying to Steal It”
  • Comedian Joe Gorman as “The Choker” (not a reflection of Joe Gorman’s comedy)
  • Comedian Kris Tinkle as “Purse Snatcher”
  • Political/New Media Genius Lisa McIntire as “Purse Snatchee”
  • Comedian Mary Van Note as “Upset, Harried Girlfriend”
  • Comedian Nathan Jackson as “That Poor Dude”

Thanks again to all of you who watched, to my cast and crew, and to Jawbone and!  And if you haven’t actually seen what I’ve been talking about, feel free to check it out riiiiight…HERE!

Also, stay very tuned; More short videos are coming very, very soon!  Black Guys On A Beautiful Day 2, anyone?

– K