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Kevin says

Watch My New Video: “Hands-Free Hero!” & Help Me Win $10,000!

Friends, this is my latest short video, Hands-Free Hero! – a project I shot for Jawbone with some of San Francisco’s funniest comedians.

Wanna help me win $10,000?  All you have to do is click on the link and view it.  60 seconds and that’s it.  No voting or nothin’.  Just laughter and enjoyment.  And feel free to spread the word.  The more views, the better for me.

Thanks for your support.  When I win, I’ll buy you all cars.  And now, enjoy Hands-Free Hero!

Slave to The Karate Kid

Sorry World, but it’s gonna happen: I’m going to see the new Karate Kid movie. Yes, that new Karate Kid movie. I know. Couldn’t even tell you why.

The very idea of it being remade still just seems preposterous to me. And I mean “preposterous” in that way that it’s shouted by a fat, medieval king slouched on a thrown while chewing on a turkey leg, just before he kills a messenger…or a bishop. But at some point, between the time I first heard about it and, well…now, it got me. That goddamn movie got me…And that kid, and Jackie Chan and that stupid trailer. They all got me.

I don’t even like that kid. Jaden. He seems kinda smug, doesn’t he? Sure in the trailers he appears cute and charming and sad to be away from home and blah, blah, blech, but there’s just something about him that seems full of shit. The original karate kid, Ralph Macchio, was a dorky, every-kid – an underdog. He looked like a guy who was gonna get his ass kicked everyday by everyone for the rest of his life unless he learned some damned karate, or how to use the force, or something. But every time I see young, endearing, cool-looking, cornrow’d Jaden Smith looking dazzled by Jackie Chan, I just see a twelve year-old who’s likely gettin’ more pussy than I am. And, hey, good for him, but I don’t have to like it.

And yet…the movie still has me. Frankly, I’m a little worried. I mean, three months ago, if you’d asked me if I was gonna see the new Karate Kid remake, I would’ve laughed in your face while strangling your neck parts. But at this rate, by this time next week, who’s to say I won’t show up at the theater wearing a bedazzled “Sweep The Leg” t-shirt?

And I don’t think I’m alone. You know how I know? When the trailer first started playing in the theater and the commercials began airing, the shit talking ran rampant. People cried “blasphemy!” We were collectively appalled. But lately when that same trailer is shown, a collective quiet seems to fall over the theater – like strip club at 2pm quiet. It’s the sound of everyone thinking the same thing: “I…I think it looks kinda good.” Suckas! All of us.

I’ll be honest, I’ve got a history. Don’t know what it is with “bad” movies and me. And in this case, I can’t even begin to understand why I have this sudden need to see a rehash of something I’ve already seen before. Then again, I don’t know why the hell I own Captain Ron on DVD. Or how I was able to sit riveted through the movie Bangkok Dangerous. Nor do I know what caused me to nearly weep openly at the end of The Terminal. I don’t know. But the beauty of it is that once I’m sitting in that theater, I really won’t care. See you in November at Red Dawn.

Freakin’ Amazing!

Was looking through some recent photos from the last couple of months and came across this little favorite of mine:

This is from a birthday party in Hollywood I went to not too long ago.  At some point that night, when I was just doing the lone wandering thing through the crowd, I noticed this redhead brush past me really quickly.  It happened so fast, I don’t know how it even registered that I recognized her from somewhere, but I went and talked to her for a second.

Turns out it was Teresa Espinosa from The Beat Freaks, and the highlight of my night was born.  If you don’t know who The Beat Freaks are, or have never seen them do what they do before, FEAST…

Say it with me: Dope. Feel free to check more of The Beat Freaks online riiiight here…

“Siskel & Negro” Hating on H8

From back in March – Photoshoot for the NOH8 campaign with fellow funny dude and creative partner in crime W. Kamau Bell…