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Kevin says

SXSW…This Friday & Saturday!

What up, friends!  Just a few more days ’til I head to Austin, TX for the SxSW festival.  So far, I’m doing 3 shows, and more may be added, so if you’re in, around, or on Austin, come hang out.  Here’s a quick look at my show schedule for next weekend, starting with some after Midnight shows on Friday night…

Friday Night: 12:15am – The Velveeta Room
Friday Night: 12:30am – Esther’s Follies
Saturday: 9pm – The Velveeta Room

Yes, Friday night I will be virtually in 2 places at once.  Both of those shows actually start earlier, I’ve just listed my scheduled appearance times on each of them, so whichever one you come to, I’d recommend coming early.  A ton of other great comics like Margaret Cho, Todd Barry, Tig Nataro, Hari Kondabolu will also be appearing on those shows as well.

Appareance on The Heather Gold Show: Comedians On Sex

When I was in San Francisco in Jan for the SF Sketchfest, the 1st show I go to do that week was a panel show – The Heather Gold Show: Comedians On Sex at the Purple Onion with fellow comedians Sara Benincasa, Sister Roma and, of course, Heather. Here’s a 2 min clip of some of the highlights, including a discussion of glitter on my penis. Find The Heather Gold Show on iTunes and download the whole thing, baby!

the Heather Gold Show@SFSketchfest – Comics on Sex – EXPLICIT from heather gold on Vimeo.

Welcome to!

People of the Universe, welcome to my brand new, sweet-ass website!

If you’re here, then you’re a fan, a friend, or a complete stranger who typed in the words “kevinaverycomedy” purely by freakish accident.  And if that’s the case, then I’m sure you have questions: Who IS Kevin Avery?  What does Kevin Avery do?  What does he look, sound, and feel like?  And what is Kevin Avery wearing right this instant (tank top and a pair of gold hammer pants I got from a Goodwill store in ’06).

Whatever your reasons for coming by this site, I’m glad you’re here.  Poke around all you want and watch some of my stand up clips and short films, check out upcoming shows, read my blog (which I promised certain people I’d be writing frequently from now on), and even purchase my debut CD, Hardcore.  And very soon we’ll be updating the site with news, some brand new videos and, yes…blog updates.  So stay tuned!

Also, I’ve got a new mailing list for those who wanna keep up with my shenanigans and exploits across the US, on the TV box, or on the web.  You can sign up here and I promise not to send you lots of mail.  Only the important stuff.

And finally, much thanks to Ben Byrne for the new site!  You wanna see more of what he can do and get him to do it for you, click on him!

Thanks again for visiting and keep dropping by.  Stay tuned…New stuff coming soon!

Kevin at SxSW

Kevin will be performing several times at this year’s SxSW Music Festival. Check out the full comedy lineup, including Kevin, Margaret Cho, Maria Bamford, Todd Barry and Kristen Schaal. Kevin’s showtimes are all here.

Kevin is today’s featured SxSW “Pick Three” today! See what he had to say about Darth Vader and DJ Taryn Manning.